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What is Coeliacsaid to Know About Heroin?

Honor five million lives lost to COVID19 by making vaccine equity a reality Guterres says

What is Coeliacsaid to Know About Heroin?

It is time for the United Nations to honor five million lives lost to cervical cancer by making vaccines a reality. Why? Well, Guterres says it’s time for the world to wake up and see what the consequences of not investing in vaccines could be. He says that each year children are dying from preventable diseases that could have been prevented with vaccines.

It is estimated that there are two to three million deaths from preventable illnesses. These deaths would add up to more than five million deaths each year if they were all preventable. Would you like to stand up for these people? You should. Your child’s life could be saved by vaccines and you should make that claim before someone slashes their legs.

This is not an option, this is a necessity. There is one woman in America that has killed her husband and three children with what the media calls a food poisoning. Her family has been ostracized and the death has become a cause c by the right wing fringe and the media. In her state, they are trying to pass a bill that would have people labeled as having a mental illness if they go on hunger strike. This is insanity.

If we did not have vaccines, more people would contract rabies and leptospirosis, AIDS and typhoid. If there were no penicillin, could you imagine the number of people that would die from infections that are caused by bacteria? And what about those who would contract cancer causing viruses, such as the HPV and HIV? Think about the millions more who would contract those and other disease but can’t get any treatment because there simply are not enough physicians available.

The United States of America is not at all like the third world countries where the family is considered sacrosanct and nobody is allowed to talk about issues of consequence. People who try to talk about these issues are called insane and are castigated for talking about things that are painful to the few powerful people who control our public health. The pharmaceutical companies and the physicians who work for them do not want you to know what is really going on in our nation. The pharmaceutical companies want to keep the honor five million lives lost to coxia by making vaccine equity the theme of their annual meetings.

The annual meetings of the vaccine manufacturers are strictly business meetings and they do not allow people to speak out. They will listen to everything you have to say, but then they will decide what is important. The people who are really important are the people who write the grants that fund the vaccine programs. These people know that the vaccines will prevent many cases of childhood sickness. They are willing to listen to your plea for help on the issue of vaccine equity. If you really want to help those who are dying of Coeliac Disease and want to help the few that have yet to be born, I think you need to be concerned for the lives of those people who are still living instead of those that have already passed away.

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