After your stock account is active and you have deposited your capital, you can now start trading stocks. When trading with real capital for the first time, traders will usually be faced with a confused situation: What stock do you want to buy? What to do? Do you think buying this stock is profitable or not?

I also experienced this when I first started trading stocks. But often this confusion of stock traders can be a fatal mistake, namely choosing the wrong stocks which can lead to big losses for a novice trader.

Therefore, before you decide to buy stocks, you must learn the sciences of stock trading. For those of you who have just started trading stocks or those of you who have trading experience but are still “blind” in the stock market, then you must apply learning to trade the right stocks. Here are ways to learn stock trading that you can apply:

  1. Learn the mechanics of stock trading

You must first understand the stock trading mechanism, especially the stock bid-offer so that you don’t place the wrong buy and sell price orders. Also study the trading hours of the exchange, and the general appearance of your online trading software (which you use).

  1. Learn the basics about stocks

Learn the basics of stocks such as risk in trading, stock codes, what is the JCI, what influences stock ups and downs. If you have the basics, it will be easier for you to get into practice.

  1. Learn stock analysis (technical analysis & fundamental analysis)

Learn stock analysis, namely technical and fundamental analysis. This stock analysis is the main basis so that you can decide to buy good stocks based on correct analysis, not based on gambling or guesswork.

For stock trading learning materials that are more intense and go straight to practice, strategies and ways to choose stocks for trading, full technical analysis, you can get the following materials:

  1. Ebook Trading & Learning Stocks Beginner – Expert (427 pages)

As for those of you who want to get into advanced stock trading practices by learning more specific stock trading strategies: stock screening, swing trading, intraday trading (daily fast trading), scalping trading, you can learn the strategies here:

  1. Simple & Effective Guide Ebook Good Stock Screening
  2. Intraday & One Day Stock Trading Ebook
  3. Learn market analysis and JCI

Study the JCI movement, especially the news in the stock market that can affect the market, the JCI and the majority of stocks. Read a lot of news about the stock market, and stock market reviews. There are many online news such as, CNBC, and others that you can learn about.

  1. Start trading stocks with small capital

In learning stock trading, you should always start with small capital. Start with a capital of IDR 1-3 million, because you are still in the learning stage so you need to manage the psychology of trading with. One way is to use small capital, and you can add capital gradually after you start to make profits with small capital.

  1. Learn stock screening analysis

In addition to technical analysis, learn how to screen stocks. In the stock market, there are a large number of stocks that you can trade. If you are a beginner, chances are you will be confused about which stock to buy.

That’s why it’s important for you to do stock screening, so you know what profitable stocks you can prioritize for trading. Also learn: Guide to Selecting (Screening) Good Stocks.

  1. Learn through demo / virtual trading

If you are not sure to buy shares with real capital. Or you are still confused with the mechanism of stock trading, you can start learning in virtual trading first. Also learn: How to Demo (Virtual) Trading Stocks. If you can do virtual trading, then you can start buying stocks using real money.

  1. Learn from many sources

Learn stock trading from many sources, to increase your knowledge. You can also use the Stock Gain website to learn about stocks and understand more about trading.

Those are ways to learn stock trading that you can apply. Well, in stock trading, the decisions or reasons why traders buy stocks are usually due to:

  1. The technical analysis is good to buy / analyze
  2. The stock is busy in running trades
  3. Follow other traders or buy shares because of recommendations in the group
  4. The stock is rising that day
  5. The stock is being talked about a lot
  6. The stock is famous for its products
  7. Buy shares after reading the news
  8. Broker/analyst recommendations in online media
  9. Stocks are falling, traders hope for a short-term rebound
  10. Buy shares because many foreigners buy (accumulated)

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