If you are learning stocks (beginners), or you already have experience in the world of trading & stock investing, but you still often experience losses and you find this Stock Gain website, you are in the right place.

I created this Stock Gain Web as a learning tool for stocks starting at the beginner level, namely the most basic knowledge about stocks, until you can become an expert trader (you can find good stocks yourself and get maximum profit).

At Gain Stocks, all material about: TECHNICAL ANALYSIS, FUNDAMENTAL ANALYSIS, BANDARMOLOGY, stock market reviews, specific stock reviews, we cover everything, so what you need to get profit on stocks you can get on the Stock Gain website.


And for those of you who want to learn intensely and get into the practice & strategy of finding good stocks to trade specifically, at Shares Gain you can get hands-on practices for choosing stocks through the following stock trading ebooks:

  1. Stock Trading & Learning Ebook (427 pages)
  2. Simple & Effective Guide to Choosing Good Stocks (365 pages)
  3. Intraday & One Day Stock Trading Ebook (357 pages)

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The first ebook fully discusses learning stocks from beginners, full technical analysis (starting with indicators, trend analysis, candlesticks and ways to find stocks through technical analysis), trading psychology, capital management (there is an ebook update this month) and a guide to preparing a trading plan.

The second ebook is a continuation of the first ebook, which discusses how to do stock screening to find stocks that are worth trading. With additional swing trading and scalping trading strategies (trading minutes).

The third ebook specifically discusses intraday trading strategies and trading under one week, namely by looking for liquid stocks that are easy to rise in the short term. We use the technique of buying stocks in the morning and selling in the afternoon.

So for those of you who want to be able to practice stock trading specifically, you can have these stock ebooks according to the strategy you want to implement.

If you want to explore technical analysis in full, you can practice the strategies in the first ebook. If you want to explore swing trading, you can practice the strategies in the second ebook (a guide to choosing good stocks).

While those of you who want to be proficient in day trading, you can practice the strategies in the third ebook.


Especially for those of you who want to learn STOCK INVESTMENT, an effective fundamental analysis practice to find long-term stocks, you can get a stock investment strategy through the stock investment ebook here:

  1. Beginner – Expert Stock Fundamental Analysis Ebook (352 pages)

In the fundamental analysis ebook, you will learn in detail how to choose good stocks to invest in long term, including choosing stocks that are resilient to market corrections, choosing growth stocks, value stocks, calculating the fair price of stocks, maximizing profits from stock investments and others.


If you want to learn about the materials on this website, I’ve often written about stock education, market reviews, bandarmology, including theories about stocks (useful for newbies) and others. And all the writings on this web, I review based on personal experiences in trading and investing in stocks.

If you want to read and study my writings on this website, you can search for my writings through the menu on the right side (sidebar) of this website at the bottom slightly. The title: “Stock Learning Guide”. It looks like this:

Stock learning website
You can also search for stock educational articles through the table of contents. You can see here: Table of Contents Shares Gain.

If you want to see what stocks have the potential to be traded, and specific stocks that are good for short-term analysis, you can go to the page: Stock Recommendations. There I provide good stocks to be analyzed specifically based on technical analysis.

So since the beginning of establishing this Shares Gain website, I really have a goal that this website can really be a stock learning tool for all levels of stock businessmen.

The goal, whether you are a trader or a stock investor, you can understand well what the stock market is, including the practices of looking for stocks that are profitable for you.

I also hope that through stock education that I often review on the website, more and more people who are stock literate can choose stocks the right way (not gambling)…

In addition, I also hope that traders and stock investors in Indonesia can analyze and choose stocks self-taught and independently

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