Ultimate Strategies to Overcome Procrastination

Using these strategies to overcome procrastination you can begin to conquer your never-ending to-do list in a timely manner.

Procrastination is a term that might be familiar. It might even describe your work ethic. Those who procrastinate are known to put off an important task until the last minute. Procrastinators are known for putting off school and work assignments. Sometimes procrastinators will engage in other boring activities, like cleaning, to avoid other things that need to get done.
Strategies to Overcome Procrastination
Breakthrough Procrastination
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When it is no longer avoidable, a procrastinator will pull an all-nighter working and wishing they hadn’t put a particular task off for so long. They will swear to themselves, that they’ll never do it again, but the truth is, they will.  Procrastinators will not only put it off next time, but they will justify it. “I work better under pressure,” is a common justification for leaving work to the last minute.

5 Strategies to Overcome Procrastination

Overcoming bad habits take time. It also requires honesty. Good strategies to overcome procrastination starts with excuses. Excuses need to become a thing of the past, and you must plan ahead. Chances are by planning ahead your work will be higher in quality. Your work showcases your strengths. Using these tips will help make procrastination a thing of the past.

Strategy #1 Make it Manageable

When a task seems overwhelming, it can lead to procrastination. Instead of thinking of a task as one big project, break it down into smaller pieces. Work on one piece at a time to simplify the process.  This allows things to get done faster and better.

Strategy #2 Change Up your Surroundings

The environment in which you work has an impact on your habits and behaviors. Choose your surroundings carefully and you might find yourself being more productive than you thought. It might be beneficial and motivating to study in the library, for instance, during finals week because everyone around you will be studying too. Paying attention to the simple details of where and when you work can make all the difference.

Strategy #3 Manage Your Time and Minimize Distractions

Having and using a timetable with a set deadline can help you stay on task. Knowing the specifics can motivate you to get your work done. Knowing it needs to be done by 8 pm Friday night is a lot more concrete thank knowing it needs to be done sometime before the weekend. Once you have your time managed, it is key to minimize distractions. If you know a project is due by 8:00 pm, then you can sign yourself off of chat, social media, email and so forth until the job is complete.

Strategy #4 Hang Out with Like-Minded People

Hanging out with those who are also motivated to be productive can have a positive influence on your work. When you hang out with those who are looking to achieve the same types of goals you are, it makes you more accountable to yourself and those around you. By respecting each other, you can reach your goals without procrastinating.

Strategy #5 Keep your Eye on the Prize

Remind yourself of your goal. By keeping an eye on the bigger picture, you can prepare yourself for success. The key to success is to take action. Plan out your time, so nothing gets between you and your goals.

Through managing your time, keeping your eye on the prize, and by working in a place that encourages productivity, you will find that procrastination is a thing of the past with these strategies to overcome procrastination.


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  1. I love this article! As a student I am such a bad procrastinator and I always leave things until number 99. I always freak out a day before my assignments are due, but I am so happy that I have found ways of kicking its butt!

  2. I was sceptical about this article at first, because I didn’t think my procrastination was such a big deal. I tried changing my surroundings as you suggest in the article and I was surprised to see how well it worked! Very keen to try the rest of your tips.

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