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Five Insightful Chronic Pain Quotes and Sayings that will Inspire you!

These insightful chronic pain quotes show everyone that it's okay to not be okay. What are some of your favorite chronic pain quotes and sayings? Quotes are a great way to express yourself and share exactly how you feel about your pain honestly. Not to mention quotes are inspirational and can help you think positively. Here are five quotes about chronic pain that found fitting. If any of these resonate with you, feel free...Click Here to Keep Reading
Mega 99 coping skills list for chronic pain

Mega (99) Coping Skills List

Millions of Americans lack the necessary coping skills for handling chronic pain. Most of those who have chronic pain take a narcotic pain medication. Painkillers are not always effective for long-term pain management. Instead, personalized coping skills should be introduced to help handle chronic pain. This is because you build a tolerance to the medication and need more of it for it to be effective again. Not to mention, severe constipation, and drowsiness are nasty...Click Here to Keep Reading