Self Reflection: Recognizing Limits for a Happier and Healthier You

Sky's the Limit | Recognizing LimitsRecognizing Limits

The path to achieving new goals is by recognizing limits. An important aspect of goal-setting is balance and ensuring that you don’t take on too much at a time. Below are some tips to achieve your goals without taking on too much at once.

With the start of a new year, comes a multitude of self-expectation and new goals to set and achieve. Remember, when recognizing limits; it doesn’t mean you are limited, it just means that you need to learn to pace yourself. The reality is that, the sky’s the limit!

Start slow

It’s great if your goal is ultimately to run a marathon, but you can’t run a mile, you have to set smaller goals so you don’t immediately shoot down your expectations. Start smaller with a 5k, or even a mile run, and slowly increase your goals as your skill level increases. You won’t be able to run a marathon overnight, but when you finally do reach your goal, the time and effort put into achieving it will have felt all the more worth it. You will also be less likely to be discouraged by setting smaller goals for yourself.

Take days off

In order to achieve your goals, consistency and working at your goal are definitely key. You won’t see results otherwise. A part of recognizing limits means that you need to pace yourself. If you are overworking yourself can become exhausting, and taking a rest day is imperative in recognizing your limits. A rest day will give you either a mental or physical break, and will ensure you get back on track the next day, feeling refreshed and rejuvenated in order to take on the next challenge. Don’t consider a day off a waste of time, rather a way to recharge your batteries. 

Learn to say no

It’s easy to always want to be a part of the action sometimes. If you’re starting to realize you have no time for yourself, you should start saying no sometimes instead of feeling tethered to a person (or people), a job or an activity.

Take some time for yourself

This is similar to taking a rest day. Take some time for yourself doing something that you want to do, purely because you enjoy it. This will help you to pause, reset, and figure out what actually makes you happy so you don’t waste time biting off more than you can chew. You’ll feel better investing your time in fewer things, but at the same time focusing on what makes you happy. 

Try journaling

Turning to writing is always a cathartic means to channel your feelings. Putting down on paper the things you’re doing can help you to see where you’re overextending yourself and can help you divide your time in a more effective manner

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  1. This is so true: Turning to writing is always a cathartic means to channel your feelings.”.. These are great ways because I always push my limits. Such a hard lesson to learn!

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