Reduce Stress with an Adult Coloring Book

Ever hear of an adult coloring book? If you thought coloring was an activity for kids, think again! In recent years, coloring books for adults have been rising in popularity. These books

are not typical coloring books you’d see for children, which usually include large pictures of animated animals or people. Adult coloring books contain much smaller and more intricate black and white outlines to color in. According to an article published by Forbes, these coloring books have been around for years, but have risen in popularity due to people’s posts on social media.

Adult Coloring Book
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While adult coloring books are fun for any adult who wants to channel his or her inner child for an hour or two, they also have more benefits than meet the eye. One, perhaps less apparent benefit mentioned in a study from the US National Library of Medicine revealed that adult coloring could be a destresser. In the study, students performed in a number of artistic activities in a controlled setting. The study concludes that artistic activities lead to overall reduced anxiety.

According to an article published by CNN, art therapy helps to explore feelings and reconcile emotions while simultaneously expressing yourself. Though the article states that coloring itself cannot be completely equated to art therapy because this refers to a relationship between a patient and a therapist. But adult coloring, like art therapy, can also increase focus. The article sites a study where participants colored in geometric shapes, and the same result was not achieved when participants simply doodled. Coloring can also provide a similar disconnect like meditation does,  which can be helpful if you don’t think traditional meditation is right for you.

Perhaps not as medical a benefit, but putting tremendous focus and time into a coloring page can also result in a beautiful piece of artwork, which will make you feel good about yourself and your artistic skills, even if you believe those are nonexistent. It’s also a relatively inexpensive hobby, and way to annihilate stress, which is always a positive.

adult coloring book display
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Where do I get an Adult Coloring Book?

Amazon has a great selection of relatively inexpensive books and markers.

Adult Coloring Book: Stress Relieving Animal Designs: Cost ($11.69 + S&H) This book was voted as The Skimm’s favorite adult coloring book. “This adult coloring book has over 40 animal patterns, featuring creatures great and small from jungles, seas, sands and savannahs all around the world. Designs range in complexity from beginner to expert level.”

Maybe this humorous coloring book is more your style. Cost: ($11.34 +S&H). This book contains beautiful designs around exclamations, swear words and more, as a means for you to take out your stress in a humorous way.

This classic book contains designs of butterflies and relaxing, stress-relieving patterns, which will put your mind at ease. Cost: ($6.29+ S&H)

Treat yourself to a set of markers to color between the fine lines and produce something beautiful while relieving stress. Cost: ($17.99 + S&H)


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