Pathway to Beating Depression

Understanding Depression

Depression is a misunderstood condition. Depression isn’t just sadness. That is one of the biggest mistakes people make. Sadness is a normal emotion that comes and goes; whereas, depression is a constant feeling of hopelessness.

beating depression

When it comes to depression, it can last for weeks, months, and sometimes years. Willpower alone won’t cure someone of depression.

That does not mean that there aren’t ways to beat depression. Even if you have severe depression that is persistent taking small steps towards recovery can help to relieve that constant feeling of sadness. If you focus, this tip will help you alleviate your depression and change your life. Just take it step by step.

Changing Habits

Humans are creatures of habit. Habits can be both good and bad. If you change your bad habits into good ones, the change can help you become a happier person. Neuroscientists call this concept, “plasticity,” it is our abilities as humans to rewire our thought processes. The habits we grew up having are changeable.

It takes hard work though. You must face your fears and deal with the pain of the past. It takes energy and effort to change yourself, and it is not impossible to do it.

The thing about change is that it is slow. It occurs over months and years. The good thing about this is you can always look back and see how far you’ve come when it comes to changing a bad habit or negative thought process.

Making Progress

One way to generate progress towards changing your habits is to not focus on the day-to-day ups and downs of it. Instead, focus on the overall trend. The power of change is knowing that it is not a linear process. Some days will be better than others, but so long as you are making progress towards an overall goal, you are doing well.

The trick to defeating your depression using these this method is going to be not to let it overwhelm you. Take it easy. Pick one habit to work on and focus on mastering it before moving onto the next one. Depression is a beast. Naturally, your depression doesn’t want you to work hard; however, hard work is going to be the answer to feeling better.

Afterall, what do you have to lose, but just to try it?



Depression is a misunderstood condition. Click To Tweet The habits we grew up having are changeable. Click To Tweet What do you have to lose, but just to try to change? Click To Tweet
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Danielle Faith is a graduate of the The University of California, Los Angeles with a Degree in Cultural Geography. She know how your location in life (race, religion, economic status, etc.,) influences how you view the world. Today, Danielle Faith is freelance writer and marketing consultant. She specializes in new media marketing and self-improvement. Not to mention, she has a knack for clarity, and over ten years of experience. Danielle has personal experience with chronic pain and illness. Danielle is a survivor and optimist as well as persistent and driven. When she puts her mind to something it gets done. When she is not writing or checking what’s new on social media, she’s listening to music and relaxing with her dog.

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This is something I’ve realised of late too, especially the last bit 🙂

Joan Cajic

This is really great and helpful information for anyone who is going through depression or is undergoing it right now. It’s nice to know ways to fix the issue.

Amber Myers

I imagine this must be such a hard thing to deal with. I do agree that changing habits can help a lot.

Jessica Taylor

I can relate to this post 100%! After I had my daughter, I suffered with PPD for almost a year in silence!

emmanuel damian

I think the best way to battle depression is to surround yourself with friends and family. That way, you won’t be sad and alone.


I’m glad you clarified the difference because people don’t realize being sad is totally different from being depressed!

Joanna Everyday Made Fresh

Depression runs in my family. It’s something I was used to watching my own mother battle from time to time throughout when I was growing up. I’ve been depressed a couple of times, and it’s one of the roughest things.

Heather @ Kraus House Mom

I had situational depression after I got heart disease. It took a while but I got better. I had to change and accept little things at a time.

Jen Temcio

Depression is feeling hopeless, but with your suggestion of picking one habit to focus on mastering before moving onto the next one, feeling better can be attainable.

Erika Ramona

You have good insights. For people who are clinically depressed, it is almost impossible to beat the beast through sheer willpower. Change would also be really hard to do but it is a way to overcome depression, taking it step by step.


So true, Some days will be better than others. It’s sad to see a loved one in a deep state of depression.

Ophelia T

I really like this topic. Some of the people closest around me are still dealing with depression. Thanks for sharing and letting people know it can be beat.


I have felt like I was in the dumps for the longest time. And the society has it en-grained in our minds that it is something that should be kept under the wraps. The more we share and talk about it, the more it becomes easier to handle and deal with it with the right support.


As a person who suffers from depression I appreciate this more than you’ll ever know. You made so many amazing points! Keep up the amazing work!

Damond Nollan

I was just about to write a similar article on habits and change. You made some really valid points that are spot on.


This seems to be a very helpful blog post for anyone who is going through depression. I appreciate your clarification of the difference between being sad and being depressed. I really like “Willpower alone won’t cure someone of depression.” Very wise. Great post.

Rachael Schirmer

Wonderful post. Depression is no joke…

Siti Aana

Such a great and informative post. I didn’t know about so many of these things about depression before. ty for awareness 🙂

Blair villanueva

Thanks for sharing information about depression. It is a complicated disease worst than cancer.

Mommy Rockin\' In Style

Depression is a serious matter. It needs attention and support from families and friends.


Batteling depression is hard to do especially for those who keep quiet or have no one around. It is true changing your habits can help a lot with battling depression.


Well, you were right though.. Depression is I indeee a constant feeling of hopelessness.

And thanks to you.. I’ve found new ways of handling mine


Great post, nothing to lose only gain 🙂 Its really hard when talking about depression I find there is still a stigma attached to it but it slowly changing.