Is a Gym Membership Worth It? It’s a New Year & New You! – Xo, Faith!

Is A Gym Membership Worth It?

If so, you may want to think about how you’re going to get in shape. That is, whether you’ll be joining (or renewing) your gym membership. As with any sum of money you’re going to throw at something with the hopes it will work, there are both pros and cons to joining a gym.

Finding a Budget Friendly Gym

Some gyms, such as Planet Fitness or Blink Fitness offer lower and quite affordable monthly memberships. Having a basic and inexpensive gym membership can be motivating when you see so many others working out and staying fit. You can even do a trial membership. Keep in mind, however, that these memberships are basic and will probably only have cardio machines (ellipticals, stair masters, treadmills, stationary bikes, etc.) in addition to a stretching area and weights. Sometimes, these kinds of gyms offer tutorials for you to learn how to use the equipment. But often, no-frills gyms will not offer towel service or group fitness classes. And perhaps paying less might motivate you to feel as if you don’t need to work out as much because you aren’t blowing as much money.

High End Gyms

Gym Membership Worth it, fitness
“Success is never final; failure is never fatal. It’s courage that counts.” ~ John Wooden

If you’re interested in a slightly nicer gym, other gyms, such as New York Sports Club, (which has branches in Philadelphia, Washington, DC, and Boston) offers perks like towel service, swimming pools (in some locations) and group classes (like kickboxing, total body toning, spinning, and yoga). If you’re still interested in a gym with fewer perks, but feel like group fitness classes will inspire you to get to the gym, these kinds of gyms could work for you. If you are willing to invest in a luxury gym and are interested in a different variety of classes and many perks, options such as LA Fitness or Equinox provide specialized classes, like Tai Chi, Barre, or Hot Yoga. Sometimes these gyms offer a free gym pass for a limited amount of time so you can try it out. However when it comes to getting in shape membership fees should be the last of your worries.

Is Working out Outside Worth It?

You can also emulate the effects of a simple cardio machine in real life. Instead of running on a treadmill, maybe you want to try plugging in your headphones and heading for a run outside, or instead of a workout bike, try the thrill of the wind in your face on a real bike outside.  Many exercises can also be performed without weights and simply by using your own body weight. Here is a list of 50 exercises you can do anywhere.

Gym Membership, Worth it, Fitness

If you’re interested in mostly classes, a service like ClassPass might be a more motivating option in lieu of a gym. Or if you love spinning, you can purchase a Peleton bike and have access to unlimited spin classes from the comfort of your home.

Perhaps you don’t like classes, and love playing sports. You might consider joining a local intramural sports league to get your sweat on playing your favorite sport.The social aspect to this option is only a bonus. You can also find many workout videos online for yoga, pilates, and other mat exercises. Maybe you want to buy a set of weights and use those at home in place of the gym. All these options are viable as long as you commit and follow through with your goals.


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Adiel S. is an NYC-based recent graduate from Binghamton University, where she majored in English with a concentration in creative writing and economics. She is an avid runner, with hopes to run a marathon one day, as well as a vegetarian and amateur chef. She loves to work out, read and watch Gilmore Girls in her free time.

3 Comments on “Is a Gym Membership Worth It? It’s a New Year & New You! – Xo, Faith!”

  1. Exercise is a very important activity to incorporate into your life. Before, I had used to constantly work. After work, I had went home exhausted and sat on the couch for the rest of the day. I had reached over 250 pounds and had barely been able to run. My health had became a concern and my doctor advised me that I had to immediately begin to exercise. That would be the only way, I would be able to survive. I began to become concerned and focused on trying to workout. After 6 months of constantly working out, I have never felt better. I had dropped 50 pounds and had been on my way to recovery. My life had changed and I was the happiest I had ever been. For once I was motivated and I began produce better work at my agency. Exercise had changed my life!

  2. For years I had had a gym membership at planet fitness. I had only gone to the gym a couple times (2-3) in the entire year and was unmotivated about exercise. Every year my New Years resolution was to work out but I had never got to it. Then, convinced by a friend, I canceled my planet fitness member ship and tried out a free trial at LA fitness. After the first work out I had fell in love with it. The service was great and I particularly enjoyed the specialized classes. I was in love with the yoga and tai chi classes and I began to go to the gym more and more. Every gym plan appeals to different people but there is always something to be found for everyone!

  3. I have been a generally unathletic person my entire life. I much rather enjoyed to read a book on my spare time then to participate in a sport or exercise. Urged by a cousin, I had joined an amateur sports club. On a weekly basis, a group of “beginners” met to learn to play new sports in a group setting. This was a incredibly fun experience for me and I continued to do more classes. Now I have a balance in my life where I do both my hobbies (reading books, writing articles, etc.) and athletic sports, clubs, etc. as well. Exercise has helped me become a much more social, talkative person and show people who I really am. I have never been happier before!

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