5 Reasons Why a Morning Workout is Better than Coffee

Is waking up in the morning a challenge for you? Do you find sticking to a workout routine difficult and constantly psych yourself out? Do you often find yourself crashing during the day? Have you considered a morning workout?

Morning Coffee
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Before you judge a book by its cover and immediately dismiss this article because of its title, know that many find waking up early in the morning to workout an extreme challenge. Some might say, that actually getting out of bed to go to the gym in the morning is a small victory.

Even if you claim to not be a morning person, or even if you want to wake up for the gym but find it difficult, there’s no denying the multiple benefits of starting the day with a morning workout.

You will have much more energy throughout the day.

Working out will make you feel better throughout the day, even if it might be a challenge to get out of bed. Working out starts your metabolism, and increases your heart rate, both of which provide you with more energy with which to go about your daily tasks. Women’s Health Magazine says, “That rush of endorphins you feel after a great workout boosts your energy and your mood… ‘ You usually feel so good that you want to refuel with good food.”

You will be less likely to opt out of the gym later in the day.

Whether we’re consumed with homework or clubs, or whether a meeting goes later than we anticipated, we all have busy lives. Given all these distractions throughout the day, you’re more likely to stick to your plan if there are no activities that interfere with it. Plus, you’ll have the nights free to do what you want without feeling guilty that you skipped the gym that day.

A morning workout will make you happier

This is a plug for exercise in general since The Atlantic published an article about the benefits of working out to combat depression and other mental disorders. But feeling better in the morning can help boost your mood throughout the day and start you off in a better place.

You’ll burn more calories.

If you’re not motivated to jump on the treadmill at 6:30 in the morning, options like lifting weights have been proven to burn more fat. Your body works harder to repair the muscles you’ve worked while lifting weights. Your body also requires more energy to keep up its regular functions the more muscle you have. Starting your metabolism earlier also requires more energy from your body, which in turn burns a greater amount of calories.

morning workout
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You’ll sleep better at night and lower your blood pressure.

According to a study published by Appalachian State University, high blood pressure contributes to difficulty sleeping. In this study, working out in the morning lowered subjects’ blood pressure, which in turn made falling asleep easier. Additionally, working out during the evening could give you a rush of energy too close to bedtime, which could also contribute to difficulty falling asleep.

Overall, working out in the morning definitely has its benefits, which are important to consider. Remember that sleep is also important, so if you’re not getting the recommended amount, you can still get some of these benefits through an afternoon or evening workout.

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