Mega (99) Coping Skills List

Millions of Americans lack the necessary coping skills for handling chronic pain. Most of those who have chronic pain take a narcotic pain medication. Painkillers are not always effective for long-term pain management. Instead, personalized coping skills should be introduced to help handle chronic pain. This is because you build a tolerance to the medication and need more of it for it to be effective again. Not to mention, severe constipation, and drowsiness are nasty side effects of prolonged use of pain medication.


While pain medication does treat chronic pain, it is not the best option for chronic long-term pain. Having a coping and distraction technique list is an extra tool in your toolbox. When the pain starts to increase and things are not going well, just take a moment and pick an activity. Give it a shot and challenge yourself to get engrossed in it. You might be surprised at how much fun you’re having that you forget to take your pain medication.

In order to get the best results be as mindful as possible while engaging yourself. This will allow you to stay in the moment and focus your energy and mind on something other than your pain flare. After completing the task or activity you set out to do – chances are you will feel better. Here are 99 coping skills to deal with your pain without the use of a pain pill.

Coping Skills List 1-99


  1. Join a Support Group for Chronic Pain

    Playing with Pets
    Playing with Pets
  2. Meditation
  3. Yoga
  4. Playing with Pets
  5. Listening to Music
  6. Listening to Podcasts/News
  7. Deep Breathing
  8. Phone a Friend
  9. Do Something Crafty
  10. Paint your Nails
  11. Take a Walk
  12. Go Outside
  13. Use Essential Oils
  14. Laugh on Purpose

    Explore Photography
    Explore Photography
  15. Write it Out or Journal Your Feelings
  16. Observe Nature Around You
  17. Google Image Search Puppies and Kittens
  18. Make Coffee
  19. Visit the Mall
  20. Binge Watch TV
  21. Play an Instrument
  22. Get Caught Up in a Daydream
  23. Take a Hot and Relaxing Bath
  24. Give Yourself a Makeover
  25. Write a Poem
  26. Repeat Your Mantra 7times Fast
  27. Check out some Art
  28. Read a Book
  29. Make a List of your Values
  30. Jot Down Your Favorite Things

    Essential Oils
    Essential Oils
  31. Learn Something New
  32. Take a Power Nap
  33. Scrapbook
  34. Knit
  35. Give Someone a Hug
  36. Volunteer
  37. Cook and Something Awesome
  38. Take on a Project
  39. Use an Adult Coloring Book
  40. Dance
  41. Play a Computer Game
  42. Make a List of Everything You’ve Ever Accomplished

  43. Get Yourself a Little Gift
  44. Make the Bed
  45. Listen to inspirational TED Talks
  46. Make Gorgeous Zentangles
  47. Watch Videos on YouTube
  48. Browse Social Media
  49. Get your Sweat On
  50. Build a Puzzle
  51. Make a House of Cards to Knock Down
  52. Put Yourself First Today
  53. Surf the Internet
  54. Research A Passion
  55. Check Out Comedy Show
  56. Write a Letter to Yourself

    Adult Coloring Book
    Adult Coloring Book
  57. Break Out a Board Game
  58. Reach Out to Family
  59. Make a Pro & Con List
  60. Explore Photography
  61. Use a Weighted Blanket
  62. Listen to a White Noise Machine
  63. Look Up and Practice Laughter YogaIndulge in Self Care
  64. Count Backwards in 7s from 100
  65. Get some Chores Done
  66. Practice Mindfulness
  67. Make and Have Tea
  68. Do your Hair
  69. Socialize
  70. Relax with Acupuncture

    Play Your Favorite Video Game
    Play Your Favorite Video Game
  71. Do Progressive Muscle Relaxation
  72. Write a Creative Story
  73. Email a Friend
  74. Pick Up a Hobby
  75. Look at Old Pictures
  76. Find your Inner Happy Place
  77. Do the Dishes
  78. Stretch
  79. Make Use of a Foam Roller
  80. Practice a Skill

    Go Bowling Source: Alan Levine via Flickr
    Go Bowling
  81. Get a Bite to Eat
  82. Go Bowling
  83. Play PingPong
  84. Discover the Power of A Foam Roller
  85. Google Your Favorite Animal
  86. Utilize Talk Therapy
  87. Try Hypnosis
  88. Play your Favorite Video Game
  89. Snuggle with your Pets
  90. Shop for Something Online
  91. Read Jokes on the Internet
  92. Join a Dance Class
  93. Do a Yoga Sun Salutation
  94. Bake a Cake
  95. Improve a Skill
  96. Change your Hairstyle
  97. Go to the Movies
  98. Dance
  99. Build a Blog

Change Your Hair Source: Twilight Taggers via Flickr
Change Your Hair

Distraction Techniques and Coping Skills


It is important to note that distraction techniques offer a temporary solution to pain. These coping skills or distraction techniques also can aid with a negative mood. While, it is not a permanent cure or fix and passing the time by engaging your senses is helpful when dealing with pain. It gives you a break from what could otherwise be an unbearable situation.






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Danielle Faith is a graduate of the The University of California, Los Angeles with a Degree in Cultural Geography. She know how your location in life (race, religion, economic status, etc.,) influences how you view the world. Today, Danielle Faith is freelance writer and marketing consultant. She specializes in new media marketing and self-improvement. Not to mention, she has a knack for clarity, and over ten years of experience. Danielle has personal experience with chronic pain and illness. Danielle is a survivor and optimist as well as persistent and driven. When she puts her mind to something it gets done. When she is not writing or checking what’s new on social media, she’s listening to music and relaxing with her dog.

7 thoughts on “Mega (99) Coping Skills List

  1. Since you posted this I have taken your advice and started journaling. It has been very therapeutic and I am planning on releasing a fictional story based on my life. I find it very healing, and it is all thanks to your help.

  2. I have had to cope with a very painful experience during the last few years and I just want to vouch for the activities that you list. I have found that yoga is very relaxing and I have adopted a pet dog. She is the light of my life and she makes every life bearable.

  3. I think that fear is the big thing that keeps me from moving on because it feels like I am trying to forget about what happened to me. Your list inspired me to try some of these activities and apply it to my daily life. Thank you so much, Faith!

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