Learn The Best Way to Overcome Anxiety

Learning how to overcome anxiety is a process and takes time. Also, everyone feels anxious at one point or another in their life. The trick, though, is to not let that anxiety ruin your life.

Overcome Anxiety Today

Anxiety is a common emotion often characterized by overthinking, exhaustion, restlessness, and even panic. Almost everyone experiences feeling anxious at one point or another. Fundamentally, anxiety begins as a chemical reaction in the brain, and it can dictate reactions to different situations. Those with an anxiety disorder experience recurring intrusive thoughts. Overcoming anxiety can be a difficult task. However, with a little motivation, it is possible to regulate anxiety. All that is required is a little insight and practice.

Overcome AnxietyIdentify Your Triggers

Recognizing the things that make us anxious will help us go through anxiety attacks. You might find it helpful to write down things that trigger you. A trigger can be just about anything. Stress, certain people, different locations, your mood, and significant dates are common triggers

For example, in the movie The Silver Lining Playbook, the main character gets very upset when a particular song is played. The music is triggering because it was his wedding song and it happened to be playing when he caught his wife with another man. Also, knowing what makes you anxious is empowering because it gives you control over the situation. Moreover, you can develop a plan for coping with triggers. You can also anticipate situations where you might be more vulnerable. Coping mechanisms for stressful situations include deep breathing, journaling, calling a friend, listening to music, and so forth.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, or CBT for short, is an excellent treatment option for all kinds of anxiety disorders. It directly addresses any negative thinking patterns and can change the way you see your world. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy examines negative thought patterns that add to anxiety and analyzes reactions in situations that trigger anxiety.

The theory behind of this type of therapy is that your thoughts affect how you feel. Thoughts are what influences feelings, not external events. CBT works in three steps:

  • Identification of negative thinking patterns
  • Challenging negative thinking patterns
  • Replacing negative thinking patterns with realistic thought patterns

Imagine you are going to a costume party. You are afraid people will laugh at you. This makes you feel anxious, sad, and fearful. Moreover, chances are in this case; you might be blowing things out of proportion. An alternate thought process could be that it is a costume party, and everyone is going to look silly. By thinking realistically, you encourage more positive and neutral feelings. In turn, chances are by reframing your thought process you can alleviate stress and anxiety.

CBT is a powerful treatment option for those suffering from anxiety. Conquering anxiety can seem like an overwhelming task. Identifying triggers is the first step to being able to overcome anxiety. After that, it is important to change your entire mindset and build new habits. To overcome anxiety, you need to be open-minded to other possibilities. Also, there is no exact formula for working through anxiety because what works for one person might not work for another. Remember, anything worthwhile takes time and effort.


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3 Comments on “Learn The Best Way to Overcome Anxiety”

  1. I have struggled with anxiety for a good part of my life. It began to develop when I was in my late teens and since then I have experienced many anxiety attacks. After years of experience, I have found my main triggers as documented in the article above. After finding these triggers, I have been able to prevent many upcoming anxiety attacks and feel more assured when out in public, with friends, etc. Just recently, I have also began to partake in CBT and I feel that so far it has been very helpful. I have come a long way since my anxiety had began!

  2. My oldest daughter was just diagnosed with anxiety by our doctor. She recently had an attack and that prompted us to go to the hospital and see what was going on. After her diagnosis, she has gotten more and more stressed out. The doctor had given her a few simple treatments/exercises and booked an appointment with a physcologist, but nothing has worked out yet. I will definitely ask her about if she has noticed any “triggers” before feeling anxiety. I will also look into CBT treatment as well. I feel that these two methods may be able to help her in the future. Great article!

  3. I personally have a lot of experience with CBT treatment. My wife struggles with anxiety and our doctor recommended we try out CBT as a treatment method. I believe, so far, this has benefited her the most. She has tried countless medications, treatments, etc. But through this, I have seen the most improvement. The physcologist who works with her is great and really encourages her to think more positively and be more confident. I really like this anxiety treatment and recommend it to anyones who deals with anxiety daily.

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