Introducing Meditation: The Benefits and Apps Edition

Introducing Meditation Apps and Benefits

Meditation Apps Our lives are often full of excitement, twists, and turns lurking around every corner. Sometimes it’s hard to find time to yourself, to simply disconnect from the hustle and bustle of your life. If you’re finding difficulty in carving out some much-needed relaxation, maybe meditation might be right for you.

Benefits of Meditation

Aside from a few moments to yourself and relaxation, meditation also has some other surprising benefits.

  1. Stress reducer- An article published by the Huffington Post cites meditation as a way for “people to take control of their own nervous systems,” which could be contributing to much of the stress in the first place.
  2. Meditation boosts your brainpower- Forbes cites a study from UCLA in which the brains those who had been meditating for prolonged periods of time had less loss of brain volume as opposed to the brains of those who had been meditating for less time (less than 20 years).
  3. Meditation leads to greater self-awareness- Spending some time with yourself and your feelings can make you more aware of your own emotions. The same article published by Huffington Post cites a woman who found out she had multiple sclerosis, a disease of the central nervous system, and meditation severely changed the way she viewed herself with the disease.
  4. It has multiple physical benefits- According to The Art of Living, meditation has multiple physical health benefits, including “lowering blood pressure, lowering the levels of blood lactate (which causes anxiety), decreasing pain which causes tension, increasing the immune system, and increasing your energy level.”

The Best Apps

MeditationBelow are some of the best meditation apps, which are free of charge, that can get you started on your meditation journey.

  • Provata VR– Guided Meditation & Mindfulness (Free of charge) – “A fully immersive virtual reality meditation app.”
  • Meditation Studio- Guided meditations and Courses (Free of charge)- “Theses bright, newbie-friendly guided sessions help us fine-tune our inner equilibrium, whether we need help sleeping, a confidence boost, or just a few minutes to find our sen on an imaginary beach”
  • Headspace (Free of Charge) – “Guided meditations suitable for all levels..”

Meditation need not be traditional. Sometimes, you can find meditation through doing a physical activity, such as yoga, or listening to music.

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