Defeat Depression: What Your Brain Isn’t Telling You

Depression is clinically described as feeling sad or despondent for an extended period of time with a loss of interest inpreviously enjoyed activities. It can lead to different emotional problems and decreases a person’s ability to function normally. The top signs of depression are often characterized by suicidal idealization, feelings of worthlessness, sleeping too little or too much, and difficulty concentrating. It is estimated that depression affects 1 in 15 adults and commonly presents itself in the late teens to early 20s. If you are dealing with depression, know that you can defeat depression and learn that coping with depression requires hard work.

Depression makes it difficult to do anything. People often describe feeling empty or incomplete. They have no sense of self and this is what makes depression treatment so difficult. There is no magic pill or one thing a person can do defeat depression. It takes effort to get better from depression. By nature depression doesn’t encourage a person to put effort into anything, let alone, getting better from depression. However, if you know this little fact, the maybe, just maybe, you can know that if you engage in opposite to emotion action and defeat depression, that you can start the healing process.

Here are 5 Coping Skills for Depression:

1) Exercisedefeat depression

This might sound like a tall order, and that is because it is. Yet, exercise has been proven to be exceptionally effective in managing depression. In fact, some research shows that exercise is more effective in managing depression than medication is. This is because exercise not only releases endorphins and makes you feel good, it also helps you manage your weight, gives you energy and allows you to get better rest at night. All of these things are necessary to live a healthy and happy life as well as defeat depression. Also, as if that’s not enough, those who engage in exercise find that they can put his or her depression in remission and prevent it from returning. Why not try it? Afterall, exercise is proven to be even more effective than coffee! Can you believe that? You see, depression and physical illness go hand-in-hand.

defeat depression2) Keep A Joyful Journal

Recording things that give you joy or make you happy on a day to day basis can remind you what you have to live for. Doing this will help you handle suicidal idealizations. It is important to keep a joyful journal of gratitude, but to read it to! This way you never forget why life is worth living. Oftentimes, it’s all about the little things that make life better that make life worth living

3) Laughter is Medicine

“To truly laugh, you must be able to take your pain and play with it,” once said an intelligent man. That man was well known for comedy and bringing joy to people’s faces. He was the original. He was the great Charlie Chaplin. There are studies the show laughter can partially help heal a person from a host of disorders and illness. This includes depression. I might seem counter-intuitive to laugh when the world seems so heavy on your shoulders. However, if you remember that, that is your depression fighting against you, you use opposite to emotion action and force a laugh! It might seem silly (because it is) but soon you’ll be laughing at yourself for being so silly and at least in that moment you’ll feel just a little bit better in the present moment. Or just go see a comedy show! You deserve it.

4) “Me” Time!

Self-care is so important. Sometimes, it takes energy to be selfish and if you take the time for it, you will find that taking care of yourself enables you to be better in your life. Self-care helps you first so that you can effectively be a good partner to your significant other. It helps you first so that you can be a good parent to your kid. It helps you first so you can effectively be a good son or daughter to your parents. It helps you so you can effectively be a good friend. It helps you so you can make work, work for you. So, you get the picture. Find something you enjoy whether it’s a good book or movie night, or watching a comedy special, you can do something for you that will benefit you, defeat depression, and increase your happiness.

defeat depression5) List Accomplishments

Alongside being selfish and taking care of yourself and your joyful journal, it is beneficial to list what you’ve accomplished in life. Sometimes, life gets people down. When life is hard, and you’re in despair, having a list of what you’ve accomplished handy to reflect back on can be empowering. It gives you a chance to review your strengths and persevere through hardships. It shows you what you’ve done before and gives you insight into what you can handle now. Be selfish and fabulous, you really do deserve credit for everything you’ve accomplished in life. Even if it was getting out of bed this morning! You are you.

So, the next time you are down & out and feeling like there is no future, start a joyful journal. When you feel so sad you want to cry go see a comedy show for some well deserved me time and laugh. List out all your accomplishments because you are important and get a little exercise, you’d be amazed at what that can do for you, but you have to stick with it and know despite your down feeling, you’ll get out, what you put into your mission for happiness and health. You will overcome this with these natural remedies for depression. Stay strong.

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Danielle Faith is a graduate of the The University of California, Los Angeles with a Degree in Cultural Geography. She know how your location in life (race, religion, economic status, etc.,) influences how you view the world. Today, Danielle Faith is freelance writer and marketing consultant. She specializes in new media marketing and self-improvement. Not to mention, she has a knack for clarity, and over ten years of experience. Danielle has personal experience with chronic pain and illness. Danielle is a survivor and optimist as well as persistent and driven. When she puts her mind to something it gets done. When she is not writing or checking what’s new on social media, she’s listening to music and relaxing with her dog.

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Kenan Granulo

Depression is hard to live with. But these steps have been proven to help. They truly do make a difference when faced with this difficult disorder. By simply following these basic steps, it could revamp your life and make you honestly feel better. They can give you a new lease on life and make it easier to live with depression

Robert Jones
I struggle with depression on an everyday basis. Some days it is too hard to just climb out of bed and face the world. I found it very hard to be able to motivate myself to really do anything. After reading this heart felt blog, I began to attempt a few of the methods listed. At the beginning it was hard to be able to push myself to achieve anything, let alone keep a daily journal. But I tried and tried and finally began to be able to do these simple things. I am becoming to feel better even though… Read more »
Samuel Gray
Countless people in my life have faced the difficulties of living with mental illness, especially depression. I have watched as an observer as they have fought through these conditions. I can tell you first hand that these simple tips do make a difference. The little things are the ones that shape who you are. They change you and determine who you will be in this world. By simply doing something like “keeping a journal”, it can revitalize your life and bring simple meaning back to it. These steps will not cure depression, but they will surely help you on the… Read more »

Some good tips in here…depression is a big fat liar and being aware that you’re depressed in and of itself can open up a new dimension for sure!


That looks like a good manageable list. I know a lot of people struggle with it and I hope this helps someone.


Although when depression hits, nothing can make you feel better. If we push a little bit and exercise, it can certainly help.


I love the idea of a joyful journal! Being able to look back and find and reflect on things that brought us joy is such a wonderful idea!

Angela Tolsma

Exercise is a huge part of my life and keeps my depression in check. I have never done a joyful journal though. Interesting idea.

Jazmin Williams

I’ve had depression since I was a kid – can’t remember ever being genuinely happy in life. Great tips, I hope they are of use to people.


This is a great list of things that really do help with depression. Great post and a much needed reminder this year– when where I’m at is dark and cold.


Enjoyable read and great tips. Love the idea of a joyful journal, such a good idea. Laughing is the best medicine!


I’ve never been diagnosed with depression, but feel like I may have a very mild case sometimes. I also have thyroid issues and it can lead to it as well. These are all wonderful ideas to try to keep moving forward and think positive! I’ve been working out almost every day and notice it does help a lot.


Depression or any related disease is hard to live with. These tips are great to keep in mind to help stay positive and motivated in life.