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This Psychological Trick Helps Chronic Pain Patients

Overview of DBT Self Help Created by Marsha Linehan, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, “DBT,” is a cognitive behavior treatment method that was originally developed for handling suicide idealization, anxiety, depression, borderline personality disorder and other psychological problems. These DBT therapy techniques have proven to be very useful and DBT has been deemed the gold standard for handling

Putting Pain into Words: The Five Emotions Humans Experience

There are five emotions that humans experience. They are:    Happiness as in the state of being cheerful and feeling good    Fear as in an unpleasant emotion in which you are worried     Anger as in a strong sense of annoyance and irritation     Sadness as in a feeling of sorrow and unhappiness     & Guilt as in a feeling of being at fault

SMART Goals for Pain Management

SMART GOALS S.M.A.R.T. is an acronym to help people set more comprehensive goals that are attainable. This can be a useful tool for dealing with your pain. It stands for: Specific and significant Measurable and meaningful Achievable and action-orientated Realistic and reasonable Timely and trackable Specific & Significant To create a specific goal it must

Coping Skills List: The Ultimate and Mega 99 Skills You Need

Coping Skills List Firstly, millions of Americans lack the necessary coping skills for handling chronic pain. Although, most of those who have chronic pain take a narcotic pain medication. Secondly, painkillers are not always effective for long-term pain management. Instead, personalized coping skills should be introduced to help handle chronic pain. Finally, this is because