The New You

Using Painkillers During the War on Drugs

Pain exists for a reason. When it is a physical pain, it tells us when something is wrong and can even help doctors narrow in on what is wrong. Over the past half century, how doctors help patients cope with pain has changed. This is due in part to a variety of pharmaceutical advancements and the idea that pain for an extended period is detrimental to your overall health. However, the downside of these advancements...Click Here to Keep Reading

New Year, New You: Is a Gym Membership Worth It?

Is getting in shape this year’s New Year’s resolution for you? If so, you may want to think about how you’re going to get in shape. That is, whether you’ll be joining (or renewing) your gym membership. As with any sum of money you’re going to throw at something with the hopes it will work, there are both pros and cons to joining a gym. [caption id="attachment_375" align="alignright" width="300"] "Success is never final; failure is...Click Here to Keep Reading
Morning workout vs coffee

5 Reasons Why a Morning Workout is Better than Coffee

Is waking up in the morning a challenge for you? Do you find sticking to a workout routine difficult and constantly psych yourself out? Do you often find yourself crashing during the day? Have you considered a morning workout? [caption id="attachment_422" align="alignright" width="300"] Source: Cheryl Foong via Flickr[/caption] Before you judge a book by its cover and immediately dismiss this article because of its title, know that many find waking up early in the morning...Click Here to Keep Reading
simply put what is an invisible illness

Simply Put, What is an Invisible Illness?

Those with an invisible illness deal with questions from people questioning the legitimacy of their disability. On top of being ill, many sufferers find themselves in many hard situations where people do not believe they have an illness. 96% of people dealing with a chronic illness have what is often called an invisible illness. What Does 'Invisible Illness' Mean? [caption id="attachment_140" align="aligncenter" width="450"] Source: Nicolas Raymond via Flickr[/caption] An invisible illness means that there is no...Click Here to Keep Reading
Putting Pain Into WordsThe Five Emotions Humans Experience

Putting Pain into Words: The Five Emotions Humans Experience

There are five emotions that humans experience. They are:    Happiness as in the state of being cheerful and feeling good    Fear as in an unpleasant emotion in which you are worried     Anger as in a strong sense of annoyance and irritation     Sadness as in a feeling of sorrow and unhappiness     & Guilt as in a feeling of being at fault or to blame for something   Emotion Basics Explained While many other words guide how you might feel about something...Click Here to Keep Reading