Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction

My Life with Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction & Chronic Pain

This is my personal journey with Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction & Chronic Pain! “That is it!” I yelled across the room, “I am done. No more.” I was snarling and ready to bite off your head if you argued with me one bit. “I have had enough,” I screamed. I was in full blown breakdown mode. Being sick had taken its full toll on me, and I felt like something, anything needed to change. It was...Click Here to Keep Reading
Negotiating with your doctors

Get Up to 100% off of Medical Services by Negotiating with your Doctor or Hospital

  With rising out-of-pocket costs, haggling with your hospital or doctor's office might seem like a necessity. Despite this, many people will just accept doctor's bills without a second thought. However, if you put a little thought and energy into negotiating your medical bills, you can reduce them or get them 100%. forgiven. Most don't know it, but negotiating with your doctor or hospital can go a long way for a little bit of time...Click Here to Keep Reading
Hypersensitivity Graphic for Facebook

To Anyone Who Has Hypersensitivity (Nadia’s Tale)

Hi, To anyone suffering from Chronic Pain to the ones especially who have been through all the tests that came back perfectly fine, and were told that life numbing pills were the only answer...there is hope (without the pills). So a few years back I started suffering from pain that was on going and they did find a reason for it, I went for the surgery, and afterward I was told give it a couple...Click Here to Keep Reading
Surviving Domestic Violence by rebekkah ritzmann

Surviving Domestic Violence as told by Rebbekah

After I became a victim of domestic violence, everything in my world shifted. A majority of this shift was due to the dramatically different person I became. I was no longer a strong, outgoing, trusting, and independent woman. Rather the whole experience turned me to a physically and emotionally weak introvert that feared every day activity. [caption id="attachment_441" align="alignright" width="300"] Source: Marc Falardeau via Flickr[/caption]   The hardest part about dealing with domestic violence is...Click Here to Keep Reading