Boost Your Confidence: Beyoncé Edition

What exactly does it mean to boost your confidence? Everyone deserves the best, but not everyone is comfortable in their own skin. So, here are a few minor suggestions on how you might be able to live a happier and healthier life. Self-love is so important, especially when dealing with a chronic illness. Embrace your mind, body, and soul for what it is and not what someone else thinks it should be. Remember, you are fierce and flawless. Our imperfections are what makes us perfect.

Boost your Confidence with BEYONCÉ!!!

Why? Because! She’s Fierce

& You Deserve IT!

First things first. Girls just wanna have a little fun!

Boost your Confidence

Tip #1: Call up your best girlfriend and get into a giggle fit with her. Laughter is the best medicine. Really. There is research proving it!

Even if it is easy to get down yourself remember to forgive.

boost your confidence

Tip #2: Take time to yourself. If  you have to schedule alone time or be like Beyonce and kick everyone out of your dressing room!

Perhaps work is difficult right now. Or maybe things are hard in the dating department. Then compounded by pain, things are just that much harder. We all know pain sucks and how much going to the ER is a bummer…

….In Fact, we are #SO DONE

Boost your confidence

Even Beyonce needs a break now and again!

Tip #3: Inhale Slowly. Exhale Slowly. Repeat. Breathing exercises are known to reduce stress, oxygenate the body, and decrease pain overall.  

boost your confidence

Tip #4: Find a mantra that suites you and makes you feel good about yourself!

Feeling good about yourself is important. You are important, sometimes it’s fun to turn up the music and just DANCE.

boost your confidence

Tip #5: Dancing  solves everything!

It is important to do an activity you enjoy. It’s time to get goofy.

Tip #6: Gain Beyonce level confidence by embracing your flaws and goofiness.

Sometimes being spoiled isn’t all that bad… in fact, it might be beneficial to take an evening to yourself and celebrate you!

Tip #7: Treat yourself to a night out, pizza, a mani/pedi, basically anything that makes you feel pampered and good about yourself. Me time is important when battling an illness.

Boost your confidence and embody the Queen B that you are!


Tip #6: Gain Beyonce level confidence by embracing your flaws and goofiness. #GetMotivated Click To Tweet Boost your Confidence with @BEYONCE! This is going to be #FIERCE #Inspiration Click To Tweet Tip #4: Find a mantra that suites you and makes you feel good about yourself! #Mantra #Beyonce… Click To Tweet

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Danielle Faith is a graduate of the The University of California, Los Angeles with a Degree in Cultural Geography. She know how your location in life (race, religion, economic status, etc.,) influences how you view the world. Today, Danielle Faith is freelance writer and marketing consultant. She specializes in new media marketing and self-improvement. Not to mention, she has a knack for clarity, and over ten years of experience. Danielle has personal experience with chronic pain and illness. Danielle is a survivor and optimist as well as persistent and driven. When she puts her mind to something it gets done. When she is not writing or checking what’s new on social media, she’s listening to music and relaxing with her dog.

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