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Pathway to Beating Depression

Understanding Depression Depression is a misunderstood condition. Depression isn’t just sadness. That is one of the biggest mistakes people make. Sadness is a normal emotion that comes and goes; whereas, depression is a constant feeling of hopelessness. When it comes to depression, it can last for weeks, months, and sometimes years. Willpower alone won’t cure

Defeat Depression: What Your Brain Isn’t Telling You

Depression is clinically described as feeling sad or despondent for an extended period of time with a loss of interest inpreviously enjoyed activities. It can lead to different emotional problems and decreases a person’s ability to function normally. The top signs of depression are often characterized by suicidal idealization, feelings of worthlessness, sleeping too little

This Psychological Trick Helps Chronic Pain Patients

Overview of DBT Self Help Created by Marsha Linehan, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, “DBT,” is a cognitive behavior treatment method that was originally developed for handling suicide idealization, anxiety, depression, borderline personality disorder and other psychological problems. These DBT therapy techniques have proven to be very useful and DBT has been deemed the gold standard for handling