3 Epic Ways to Reduce Stress

How to release stress is a big question for those living with chronic pain. Not to mention, chronic pain can be a never ending nightmare. However, what most people do not realize is that they can find relief outside of using medications. Here are a few simple ways to relieve stress to deal with your pain in a healthy way without drugs.

#1 The Magic of Deep Breathing

Reduce Stress, deep breathing, Exercise

How does exercise reduce stress and what is the best exercise for anxiety relief?

Firstly, Learning how to breathe deeply as a form of meditation can help your body relax. When your body is relaxed, that means there is less tension, tightness, and pain. Giving your body a break from all of life’s stressors through deep breathing and meditation can be very rewarding.

It is recommended that instead of focusing on how the experts think of deep breathing, think of what works for you. When you inhale a deep breath what do you notice? Do you notice air moving through your nostrils? Are you aware of your lungs filling with air or your abdomen inflating?

The trick to relaxing with deep breathing is to pick one thing that you notice about your breath and stick with it. If you see your abdomen inflating, focus on that, what does that feel like, what might it look like, and how does it feel to be able to take a break and bring oxygen to your brain?

One of the best ways to cope with pain is the use of deep breathing and meditation. The best thing about deep breathing is it can be down anywhere, anytime, and however you like.


#2. Reduce Stress and Promote Relaxation

How does exercise reduce stress? Life is stressful, and stress intensifies pain. Stress is rooted in negative emotions like anxiety, anger, and depression. By limiting the stress, you will be able to take control of your situation and your pain.

There are many ways to reduce stress. You can listen to calming music, take a hot bath, or do some yoga. No matter what you choose to do, set aside time to take a break from life and focus on something relaxing for yourself. It is the best gift you can give yourself this holiday season. Find what works for you and stick with it. You will be amazed at how greatly you will benefit from it.


#3. Exercise the Pain Away

Reduce Stress, deep breathing, Exercise

It may seem counter-intuitive, and maybe it is, but exercise to reduce stress is sometimes the best relief for chronic pain. By inducing your body’s natural endorphins through exercise you will not only improve your mood, but you will also strengthening muscles, prevent further injury and promote healing. Plus, there are numerous health and mental benefits to exercising as well. Always consult your doctor before starting an exercise regime but, usually light exercise at least three times a week can help you conquer your pain without a pain pill.


With these stress relief activities, you will find that living in pain doesn’t have to be a life sentence of misery. Instead, you can breathe, reduce stress and exercise the pain away. It takes a bit more work and dedication than other alternatives such as pain medication, but it is very rewarding and fulfilling in the long run. With these tips to reduce stress, remember, no matter what, you can do this.



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Danielle Faith is a graduate of the The University of California, Los Angeles with a Degree in Cultural Geography. She know how your location in life (race, religion, economic status, etc.,) influences how you view the world. Today, Danielle Faith is freelance writer and marketing consultant. She specializes in new media marketing and self-improvement. Not to mention, she has a knack for clarity, and over ten years of experience. Danielle has personal experience with chronic pain and illness. Danielle is a survivor and optimist as well as persistent and driven. When she puts her mind to something it gets done. When she is not writing or checking what’s new on social media, she’s listening to music and relaxing with her dog.

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Claire Saul

What a great post! I have included your link on PainPalsBlog regular feature Monday Magic – Inspiring Blogs for You! Great to connect, Claire x

Nina Christy

It’s important to reduce stress as much as you. Thanks for the tips. I need to go exercise!


What great tips. Deep breathing really does help with stress. I always usr the technique when I feel stressed. Thanks for sharing.!

Marjie Mare

Deep breathing exercise is key for me. It helps me before any meeting or whenever I need to take a decision.


Exercise helps with reducing my stress. It doesn’t matter what activity it is. Running, yoga, swimming or a class. It helps clear my mind or help me think better to resolve the situation.


I couldn’t agree more on the exercise! That’s my favorite way to reduce stress. It’s so important to find a balance, but sometimes life just throws stuff at you.


I think lots of people take breathing exercises for granted. But it really calms me and clears my mind. So simple but so effective!


Great tips! I think I need to try deep breathing exercises.


I learned the practice of deep-breathing when I started yoga about a year ago. It helps a lot!


These are great tips! I especially like your approach to deep breathing. I’ve found myself getting frustrated before when I follow a guided deep breathing meditation because it feels awkward. I can’t necessarily feel the things they’re describing naturally – but focusing on the way that I breathe and just one thing about that might be just the ticket. I might actually get some relaxation from it rather than more stress (and pain) – lol. Take care 🙂

Sylvie Anne Hanes

Amazing things happen when we deep breathe – I learned how to do this in yoga class, and when I feel myself getting stressed or frustrated, I take a few minutes and do some deep breathing. Works wonders!


These are great tips! Deep breathing is so powerful. My son struggles with anxiety and we use deep breathing all the time!


Deep breathing is definitely something I use in my stress relieving. I only just discovered this over the past year and it’s been a lifesaver for me.


I think these strategies need to be posted to every teachers door this time of year. The holiday break has made everyone a little more stress. I find myself taking more deep breathes than usual.


Really great tips. I will have to start doing this when I start to feel stressful.


Deep breathing is SO huge! Its one of those things that are so simple that you dont really believe it. But then you try it and realize how helpful it can be!

Jazmin Williamsj

Some great tips! I think deep breathing is definitely something that works. I also sometimes try and take myself out of a situation if possible for a certain amount of time.


These are really a great tips! I usually do the deep breathing for it always help me to reduce stress.